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Most job offers for mobile developers are for iPhone, Android apps
Friday, 22nd April 2011
As you can see, iPhone and Android development have already started to dominate the job trends. BlackBerry has had the lead for several years as it was the only platform where any money could really be made prior to the new smartphones. Symbian shows steady, but not great demand, and provides a good baseline of comparison for other operating systems. Windows Phone (or WP7) and WebOS have started to show some growth but need some more time to gain real adoption.

Here, the short-term trends are a fairly close reflection of the long-term trends. There is a minor difference of whether Android has more demand than BlackBerry, but Android growth is faster and will quickly surpass the BlackBerry in the near future anyway. Again, Symbian provides the baseline and Windows Phone and WebOS wait for traction. Overall, there is not much difference from the long-term trends which is not surprising given the immaturity of this industry.
Publication : DZone
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