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Bangalore Boy B G Srinivas is Infy's rising star
Wednesday, 22nd December 2010
BG Srinivas has been a hotshot at Infosys for sometime now. Tell him that and he shoots back, �I am not sure about that tag.� Being an executive council member at Infosys�apart from being in charge of Europe and the manufacturing vertical�BG is counted upon as one among the best new generation leaders in Indian IT. Water cooler talk is that he could end up as the CEO at Infosys.

Do you want to be a CEO, we ask. �Well all I want to do now is maximise the impact. I want to ensure that the company continues to earn global respect. When there is external focus one does not tend to think about these aspects,� he says on expected lines.

Teams that work under BG have one thing in common. They are driven by huge ambition. BG injects quite a bit of that in his team members and always wants them to look at the big picture. �I would like them to aim for a big target. Even if they fall short, I am okay with it. But it�s not good to aim low and then achieve it. That does not make a big impression on me. What I repeatedly tell my people is not worry about failure.�

BG believes in keeping himself approachable. �I ensure that I am available for my team. It�s important that all internal issues are solved so that we can focus on external matters.� He was raised in Nelamangala on the outskirts of Bangalore. The importance of education was drilled into him at an early age and he did not disappoint. �Even as a kid, I used to love gathering information. I used to read all publications and keep myself updated.�
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