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10 overused buzzwords to describe your career, courtesy LinkedIn
Tuesday, 21st December 2010
Dynamic�, �Innovative� and �Extensive Experience� are the three most overused words and phrases in the profiles of LinkedIn�s members based in India, reveals a study by the US-based professional networking site that claims to have more than 85 million members worldwide. Some of the other most overused words and phrases by professionals based in India are �Team Player�, �Motivated�, �Proactive�, �Proven Track Record�, �Value Add�, �Skill Set� and �Out-of-the-box�.

�We have the unique ability to uncover interesting workplace trends in our data given the high volume of people with profiles on LinkedIn,� D J Patil, chief data scientist, LinkedIn, has said. �In this case, we wanted to reveal insights that help professionals make better choices about how to position themselves online whether they are reaching out to new clients or networking with peers.�
Publication : Aloo Techie
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