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Interview: Suresh Senapaty -- attrition will be back to normal soon
Saturday, 27th November 2010
In that light are you looking at a salary hike to rest the high levels of attrition at this point? How are you looking at the overall margin picture?

The last we saw a salary hike was in February 2010. In between last quarter we had done salary hikes with respect to some of those experience profile of the people in terms of 4 to 7 years. We have not considered any other hikes in the coming current quarter.

Are you still facing some supply side pressure?

Like you saw in the past when not too many headcount additions were happening, there was a lot of supply availability and somehow the demand from a variety of companies became high. This resulted in a lot of attrition. We are already seeing moderation in the attrition rates and from that point of view, I think in over a quarter or two you will see a return back to normal in terms of attrition.
Publication : Economic Times
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