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Ashutosh Rana fell at Mahesh Bhatt's feet for his first break
Sunday, 25th April 2010
Critically acclaimed actor Ashutosh Rana was thrown out of Bhatt''s set when he first went to meet the director-producer.

"I was asked to meet director Mahesh Bhatt, so according to Indian tradition I touched his feet. Suddenly Bhatt sahab was very angry and he got me thrown out of the set of his film.

Even after the humiliating episode, Ashutosh did not give up. In fact whenever he would meet Bhatt he would touch his feet despite knowing that the director hated such people.

"One day, Bhatt sahab gave up and asked me that why I kept touching his feet even when he had expressed his anger. I told him, ''It is a part of my values to pay respect to my elders and I will never leave them whether you like it or not''," Ashutosh said.
Publication : Yahoo India
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