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Killer mum steps out of jail with 3-year-old son
Tuesday, 26th Jan 2010
Shaheen has been serving a life sentence in a murder case in Kolhapur central jail. She had just del...

Woman lives with daughter's corpse for 10 days
Saturday, 23rd Jan 2010
A woman, who groomed her mentally challenged daughter all through her life,
couldn’t digest the fac...

NRI seeks court help as wife keeps daughters
Friday, 22nd Jan 2010
It's yet another inter-country child custody tiff before the Bombay high court. A US-based father ha...

Woman in Australia kills lover by sitting on him
Friday, 22nd Jan 2010
A woman has pleaded guilty to killing her boyfriend by sitting on him.

Mia Landingham, who weighs...

Blind woman lies near her son's dead body for over four days
Friday, 22nd Jan 2010
An ailing elderly woman in Orissa's Rourkela town lay next to her dead son's body for over four days...

Elder brothers kills man for money in Bangalore
Friday, 22nd Jan 2010
Police have solved a missing case pertaining to Jaffer (37), who disappeared over a month ago. The a...

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