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Former Microsoft India Chairman Ravi Venkatesan joins Infosys board
Friday, 15th Apr 2011
Former Microsoft India Chairman Ravi Venkatesan was today inducted into the board of directors of IT...

Friday, 15th Apr 2011
By Preeti Singh, Senior Correspondent

T. V. Mohandas Pai, who was angling to replace Shibu Lal ...

Will Shibulal take over as Infosys CEO on April 15th?
Wednesday, 13th Apr 2011
"There is a 60% probability of the company announcing the names of CEO and chairman at the quarterly...

Monday, 11th Apr 2011
After clinching a Rs 2,420-crore deal to acquire Headstrong, one of the biggest by a business proces...

Monday, 11th Apr 2011
Jai Menon is heading back to Bharti Airtel after a brief stint with Vodafone Plc. Mr Menon will have...

Monday, 11th Apr 2011
NEW YORK: Google CEO Larry Page has promoted at least seven executives to head key parts of the comp...

Friday, 08th Apr 2011
A senior official at MindTree said attrition in the company, which is close to 25%, is expected to r...

Friday, 08th Apr 2011
TV Mohandas Pai is currently a member of the Infosys board and also heads the company's HR and admin...

Nucleus Software Exports COO Niraj Vedwa quits
Thursday, 07th Apr 2011
IT company Nucleus Software Exports today announced the resignation of its Chief Operating Officer (...

Complete text of John Chamber's letter to Cisco employees
Wednesday, 06th Apr 2011
Dear xxx

As many of you know, my values and approach to leadership are grounded in part by what I...

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